Financial health is a wellness issue: wealth + health = wHealth.

Janelle Wagner

Hi, I'm Janelle Wagner, MD FACS

Founder of Money Med School

I made Money Medical School so I could get my own financial shit together, and I know it'll help you too.

I'm a hand and plastic surgeon, trained in general surgery as well.  A few years after putting my head in the sand and hiring an "advisor" to manage my money, I began to question a few things: blah investments, high fees and very expensive insurance policies. 

The more I learned, the more I learned I could care for my money myself, and in fact, better than anyone else 'cause I'm the only one who really gives a shit about it, ya know?

I developed a SYSTEM to run my finances.  It takes me 30 minutes a month to keep on top of my money, and because I know where it is and what it's up to at-a-glance, I'm calm and confident when it comes to money.  (As opposed to my former Ostrich self.)

I want this same success for you!

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